• Welcome to the Portland Peninsula & Island Parishes!

      The Portland Peninsula & Island Parishes are a diverse Roman Catholic community in Portland, Maine, made up of five parishes: four on the Portland Peninsula and one on Peaks Island in Portland Harbor. Each parish boasts of a robust community, a unique mission, and a proud tradition.

      The five parishes include people of African, Italian, French, Hispanic, Polish, Irish, Vietnamese, and many other heritages. Parishioners are of diverse socio-economic levels, health, age, and states of life. While most reside in Portland, many live in communities outside of Portland and are drawn to our parishes because of the unique and rich spiritual and communal experiences they offer. The unique cultural identity and mission of each parish has been preserved, while celebrating the diversity that makes this community so rich.
    • Catholics Come Home

      Are you feeling a strange inner pull to look into the Church again? That spiritual longing you feel is God drawing you back to Himself. God never forces; He only invites. He leaves the decision to return to the Catholic Church up to you.
      No matter how long you have been away from the Catholic Church, you can always come home. You can start going to Mass again and become a part of a parish community that is ready to welcome you with open arms. God is inviting you to dive into your faith in a deeper way than you ever have before. Please contact our parish office for information about returning home to the Catholic Church in Portland.